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Welcome to emotionSync®, the ultra short-time methods for coaching and therapy.

Introduced for the first time at the world congress 2012 for coaching, modern psychology and NLP

Dissolution and treatment of

  • Fears/private or in business
  • Phobias/avoidance strategies
  • Traumas/excessive actions and disorders
  • Burn-out/overload
  • Allergies/neurodermitis
  • Live-impairing doctrines or beliefs

Possible areas of application

  • Psychosomatic
  • Value management
  • Change processes
  • etc.

Problems may appear in all life situations. The methods of emotionSync® are completely independent of any context. That means you can use them for sales orientation just as well as for your therapy practice. emotionSync® can positively change your entire life, as well as that of your customers and patients.

emotionSync® summarizes the most important change methods on the market. Christian R. Hanisch has been consistently developing the method since 1998. Not everyone has the maturity to successfully use these methods. Previous knowledge in the area of psychology, coaching, NLP, psychotherapy, etc. is of benefit. Open-mindedness is a basic requirement.

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Developer Dipl.-Ing. Christian R. Hanisch at the World Congress on the subject of the brain:
Why should coaching take a long time if you can just as well do it quickly?



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